In 1929 Elmer J. Goetz founded the Elmer J. Goetz Oil Corporation.  His corporation was a key distributor for the American Oil Company, which was founded in Baltimore in 1910.  When Elmer J. Goetz passed away, ownership of the corporation was passed to his brother, Carl H. Goetz. 

In 1942, Leonard B. Schintzius purchased equity in the Elmer J. Goetz Oil Corporation.  AMOCO purchased a majority of the assets of the corporation in 1954, but certain segments were retained by Carl H. Goetz and Leonard B. Schintzius. A new corporation, Goetz Oil Corporation, was formed at this time.

With the passing of Carl H. Goetz in 1960, and Leonard B. Schintzius in 1971, the Schintzius family members continue to operate the business as of this date.

In 1988, the name was changed from Goetz Oil Corporation to Goetz Energy Corporation to fully recognize the expanded product offerings of the business.